Lost property

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Retention periods

Lost property is kept for three months, analogous to the legal retention periods,
are kept for three months. Low-value items are kept for four weeks.

The following are excluded from storage

Defective, torn and soiled items. These are not kept for hygienic reasons. Food and other perishable goods are also destroyed immediately.

Unclaimed lost property shall become the property of Demmelmair Omnibusbetrieb after the expiry of the storage period and shall be donated to charitable purposes in compliance with data protection regulations.

    Whether mobile phones, wallets, glasses or jackets: As a rule, lost items or items left with us are found again quite quickly. However, we are often not able to provide information immediately on the phone, because we usually have to start looking ourselves first or ask our bus drivers, for example. In order for us to be able to search for and hopefully find your missing item as quickly as possible, we ask you to provide as much information as possible.




    Postcode City



    What have you lost/ left lying around? If possible, please also describe the item with details that only you can know.

    Where did you lose/leave the item?

    Approximately when did you lose/leave the item?

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