Company history

  • On 17 May 1938, the company Josef und Maria Demmelmair, Omnibus Reisebüro und Fernverkehr was opened in Augsburg, Gärtnerstr. 18, with 2 trucks for local goods transport.
  • In 1939, 2 tippers and a truck for long-distance goods transport were purchased.
  • By order of 22.06.1939, the district president in Augsburg issued the necessary Reich permit for the vehicle with the registration number II Z - 79092 and the necessary district permit for the truck with the registration number II Z - 72013.
  • The Reichs-Kraftwagen-Betriebsverband in Berlin, Mohrenstr. 42 - 44 accepted Josef Demmelmair as a contributing member on 22.06.1936.
  • In September 1939, 4 vehicles were requisitioned by the German Reich for war purposes, so that only 1 vehicle was still available to the company, which was then heavily damaged during an air raid on Augsburg in 1943. This vehicle was hardly ever used, as the temporary closure of the company due to the confiscation of the vehicles was applied for on 28.11.1942 and approved retroactively to 01.09.1939. The only vehicle still available was only used for short-distance goods transport until its destruction in 1943.
  • After the end of the war, a bus owned by the US military government with the registration number MG - S 593 was leased to Josef Demmelmair by order of the district president.
  • Soon 2 trucks and 2 buses were acquired, with which operations were restarted. By order of 06.03.1946, the Lord Mayor of Augsburg confiscated 1 bus for the transport of American soldiers until 16.04.1946. Compensation according to the regulations of the time was paid by the Stadtwerke Augsburg.
  • On 5 June 1946, the district president authorised the company Josef Demmelmair to operate a rental bus service for the American occupation, initially only for a period of two years. Only the bus with the registration number BY 284 861 with 25 seats was allowed to be used.
  • master letter demmelmair bus travel
    Master Craftsman's Certificate Demmelmair Bus Travel

    On 31.12.1947, Josef Demmelmair was first granted the right by the government of Swabia to operate a regular service from Augsburg to Hofa/ Odelzhausen, which is still in operation today.

  • In 1948, the bus business was expanded to excursion and rental car services and 2 years later a travel agency was added. With the purchase of a bus with sleeper seats, a contract was concluded with American-Expr.-Comp. for trips to France, Holland and Italy, which lasted until April 1985 and now came to an end with the dissolution of this US organisation.
  • On 25.11.54, the company was entered in the Commercial Register under No. Au XIV 1817. The company name was now: Josef Demmelmair, Omnibus-Reisebüro, Omnibusbetrieb und Ferntransportunternehmen; registered office Augsburg, Gärtnerstr. 18 and Bahnhofstr. Owner: Demmelmair Josef, master motor vehicle mechanic and transport entrepreneur, Augsburg. A corresponding publication was also made in the Federal Gazette of 14.12.1954, issue no. 240.
  • Holiday destination transport to Austria (Zillertal - Ötzland) and Italy was now operated with 10 - 12 buses during the holiday season. Study trips were also organised to many places at home and abroad.
  • In 1967, all trucks were sold, so that only bus transport was carried out.
  • On 24.06.1959 Josef Demmelmair was entered in the register of craftsmen at the Chamber of Crafts for Swabia as the operator of a motor vehicle mechanic business under Az 30/Le/Ne.
  • In 1972, Josef Demmelmair was killed in a plane crash.
  • The company Josef Demmelmair was subsequently renamed a KG on 3 December 1972. Renate Demmelmair became the personally liable partner and Marie-Luise Lindermeir, née Demmelmair, the limited partner. The entry in the register of companies at Augsburg Local Court was made on 23.04.1974. The change of name was published in the Federal Gazette on 28.05.74.
  • On 31.07.1975, Martin Lindermair joined the company as a limited partner. He, as well as his wife Marie-Lusise Lindermair, née Demmelmair, were granted sole power of attorney. The change was published in the Federal Gazette on 02.09.1975.
  • The company, which was very cramped in Augsburg, had been trying to relocate eastwards since the 1950s, especially after the company had been authorised to operate scheduled services from Augsburg to Ried. In 1974, after many efforts, the company succeeded in acquiring a plot of land on Lechhauser Straße on a lease from the St. Johannis-Zweig-Verein kindergarten, which was then transferred to the company for sale in 1983. In 1975, the current company was established there, which now serves 2 routes (Augsburg - Sittenbach and Augsburg - Ried) as well as the city transport of Friedberg, is used in exempted school transport and operates bus hire services, mainly for clubs and companies. The company maintains its own motor vehicle workshop. The travel agency was closed in 1968.